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We're all about preserving the sporting traditions established by our forefathers by enlightening future generations about the joys of pursuing flighted game using time honored hunting techniques with classic sporting arms.

I've written a few books on topics related to traditional upland and waterfowl hunting, and will share links on this sight to my books on building and hunting with the muzzle loading shotgun, getting the younger generations started with a Daisy Red Ryder, and using time honored, traditional techniques to hunt upland game and waterfowl with grandfather's Classic Shotguns.  

Look through my titles listed below on Amazon and find one which really piques your interest. Download my e-book edition if your primary interest is in the content, or purchase a hard copy version if you enjoy owning and handling a piece of history.  I virtually guarantee my photography will bring back fond memories of wonderful days afield.

My Sporting Books

My books are available on Amazon, and you can find them by clicking on the link below : 


My Ebay Used Books and Magazines

Vintage References

I've been collecting Upland, Waterfowl and Bird Dog training books for over 40 years.  I decided that it was time to share some of my "timeless" references with the next generation, so my offerings are listed on ebay.  

Click the link below to go directly to my sporting books, Shooting Sportsman's Magazines and Double Gun Journals.

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Santa came to crazy4goldens

Santa always has special gifts for Goldens

Santa always has special gifts for Goldens

Santa always has special gifts for Goldens


Abby Cadabby tells Santa what she would like for Christmas...

Santa is equally generous with labs

Santa always has special gifts for Goldens

Santa always has special gifts for Goldens


Sam and Hunter Laramy know all too well the benefits of being good around Old Saint Nick!

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